• Under BJP, the unemployment rate has jumped to over 7.0%, the highest in 45 years. India lost 1.1 crore jobs in 2018 alone, with rural India losing 90 lakhs jobs! An estimated 35 lakh jobs were lost due to demonetisation alone!
  • NDA oversees dramatic decline in labour force participation: Even though 50 lakh Indians join the labour force yearly, the labour force participation has dropped from 43% in 2004-’05 to 36.9% in 2017-’18. Similarly, the labour force participation rate of women dropped from 29.4% in 2004-’05 to 17.5% in 2017-’18!
  • Modi promised 2 crore jobs every year to India. Yet, 11.56 crore educated youth were unemployed in 2017-’18!
  • Modi Ji famously touted the Gujarat model as a panacea to all ills. Yet, Gujarat’s annual employment growth from 2.4% to 0.1%. For example, in 2018, 81 lakh applicants applied for 27,767 government jobs, an average of 292 candidates for every job!
  • Likewise, 20 lakh youth (which included 992 were PhD scholars, 23,000 MPhil holders, 2.5 lakh post-graduates and 8 lakh graduates) applied for 9,500 posts of typists, and stenographers in Tamil Nadu.
  • An All India Manufacturers Association survey over Oct-Dec 2018 found that if MSMEs had 100 employees in 2014-’15, by 2018–’19 they were down to 57 workers. Similarly, micro enterprises were down to 68; small enterprises to 65. This is largely due to demonetisation, and NDA’s disastrous economic policies.
  • Brushing problems under the carpet, the NDA has deliberately withheld all surveys or data on employment or labour force participation.


  • The NDA has deliberately withheld official data on unemployment. For example, the Employment and Unemployment Surveys are conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) at five year intervals. The last survey was conducted in 2011-12. The next round was to happen in 2016-17. But the NDA scrapped the survey.
  • The NDA declared the introduction of a new survey called the Periodic Labour Force Survey that the NSSO was to release quarterly from April 2017 onwards. No report has been released in two years.


  • An estimated 35 lakh jobs were lost due to demonetisation. For example, the construction sector was the main source of employment generation in the last couple of decades. Jobs in the sector increased from around 1.5 crores in 1993-94 to 5 crores by 2011-’12. Thanks to demonetisation, this has dropped to less than 3.5 crore.
  • RBI’s KLEMS database shows that overall employment in the economy systematically fell in the first two years of the NDA– from 48.38 crores (in 2013-’14) to 48.27 crores (in 2015-’16) respectively.
  • The number of educated youths (age 15-29) who were unemployed increased from 07 crores in 2004-’05 to a whooping 11.56 crores in 2017-’18.


  • In absolute terms, manufacturing jobs fell by a whopping 10.6 million over a mere four-year period (from 58.9 million in 2011-’12 to 48.3 million in 2015-’16). This is consistent with the slowing growth in the Index of Industrial Production (IIP, which consists of manufacturing, mining, electricity). The Modi government has therefore done nothing to transform the state of industries and create more jobs.